The proposed amendment to the TGE consists of two points:

  1. The postponement of the start of TGE and staking to mid March 2024;

  2. The reduction of the stake time for $sAEVO from 3 months (13 weeks) to 2 months (9 weeks). We are taking this measure to allow the earliest $RBN/$AEVO stakers to unlock in time for the $RBN to $AEVO migration slated for May.

To sum it up:

  • Mid March: TGE

    • Airdrop of $AEVO

    • Liquidity mining begins (trade to earn or stake $RBN/$AEVO)

    • Migration from $RBN to sAEVO 1:1

  • Second half of May: sAEVO Unlock - End of TGE

    • Migration from $RBN to $AEVO (or sAEVO) 1:1

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