Growth & Marketing Committee


This committee is responsible for all strategic marketing initiatives such as sponsorships, events, new product launches, and promotional tokenomics initiatives both extemporaneous and medium-term (e.g. small airdrops, contests, …), all initiatives that have as a common characteristic a fast time to market because they are in response to new trends or competitor initiatives.

It is also responsible for the conception, selection and remuneration of initiatives that come from Aevo's user community and that are aimed at its promotion on every aspect.


  • 4 members chosen by Apogee;

  • 3 members chosen by the DAO;

  • 3 reserve members chosen by the DAO.


  • Design and implement long-term growth initiatives such as trade mining programs, airdrops, market-maker incentive programs, and so on.

  • Design and implement quick marketing initiatives in response to new market trends or competitor actions, leveraging the budget available for any initiative, including sweepstakes and airdrops dedicated to particular categories of users, current or potential.

  • To devise, promote and remunerate activities of any kind for the development of the Aevo user community. Examples of activities include: developments of bots and interface libraries to automate interaction with Aevo; strategic studies and research on competitors; design and dissemination of educational materials for novice and experienced traders; and video tutorials for interaction with Aevo's products.

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