3 - Tokenomics

New Treasury Organisation

$AEVO does not come from nowhere, being a rebrand of our previous governance token $RBN, as voted in Ribbon Finance's latest governance proposal, RGP-33. This implies that the distribution of the token in large part cannot be changed, $RBN being widely distributed in the market and allocated.

However, the holder of the largest number of tokens is the DAO Treasury and this capital, has always been unproductive, except for that used in the liquidity pools supporting $RBN.

With AGP-1 we propose a more dynamic and functional allocation of Treasury, which will be converted to $AEVO at TGE. This new organisation is linked to the genesis of the Committees, which will have the task of administering the sums.

We propose a fixed breakdown of the 45% of $RBN that the DAO owns in the following way:

  • Up to 16% of $AEVO for Incentives (Airdrop Included), managed by the Growth & Marketing Committee. These tokens will be used in initiatives to disseminate the Governance token and attract more users/liquidity to the platform.

  • Up to 9% of $AEVO for Token Liquidity, managed by the Treasury and Revenues Management Committee. These tokens will be used by the Committee to support the liquidity of $AEVO on DEXes and CEXes

  • Up to 5% of $AEVO for Community growth and bounties, managed by the Growth & Marketing Committee. These tokens will be used for Community related events and bounties.

  • 16%: unearmarked/reserved for future DAO spending. Note: The teams 2% yearly allocation will come from this portion (see Section 2 - Operating Expenses)

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