1 - Definitions


Aevo is the first Derivatives L2, focused on options and perpetuals trading. Aevo Exchange is a highly robust options and perpetuals CLOB decentralized exchange built on the Aevo L2 rollup on the Optimism stack, with Aevo Strategies (automated strategies) built on top. This architecture allows for low gas fees and low latency whilst significantly improving liquidity and capital efficiency.


$AEVO is the native token of Aevo aka its governance token; it allows holders the right to express their preferences within the remit of the DAO and in the manner described in this document.

$AEVO will go live (TGE) no later than January 2024 (see the following sub page - TGE Timeline)


sAEVO is the staked version of $AEVO and it’s not transferrable. You will be able to acquire sAEVO either by:

  1. staking $AEVO for fixed duration of 3 months, on a 1:1 basis; every 3 months it will be necessary to re-stake $AEVO to regain sAEVO.

  2. converting your $RBN to sAEVO for a fixed duration of 3 months on a 1:1 basis.

sAEVO will have the following exclusive characteristics:

  • can entitle holders to participate in special initiatives such as commission discounts, rewards multipliers, early access to new products and more. In the weeks ahead in anticipation of TGE we will encourage the community to suggest and discuss new features;

  • allows holders to make new voting Proposals, according to the rules set forth in this document (see section 2 - AGP);

  • enables holders to be elected as members of Committees (see section 2 - Committees);

  • gives holders 2x the voting power of $AEVO.

sAEVO will go live (TGE) no later than January 2024 (see the following sub page - TGE Timeline)

Ribbon Labs Foundation aka Aevo DAO (abbr. DAO)

Ribbon Labs Foundation aka Aevo DAO (abbr. DAO) is an autonomous entity formed by the owners of $AEVO and sAEVO that pursues the goal of the growth and development of Aevo, through for-profit and non-profit initiatives, with the following tasks:

  • contributes to governing and directing the development of Aevo through formal voting, according to the tools and rules provided in this document, subject always to compliance with all prevailing laws;

  • holds and safeguards $AEVO token treasury;

  • financially supports the growth and maintenance of Aevo;

  • employs strategies aimed at sustaining the liquidity of the $AEVO governance token;

  • promotes the development of Aevo's user community.

Apogee Technologies (abbr. Apogee)

Apogee Technologies (abbr. Apogee) is the developer company that is engaged by the DAO to support the technology development of Aevo. Apogee has the following tasks:

  • develops and maintains all services and products offered by Aevo;

  • manages all operations, logistics, and event participation;

  • selects and administers personnel active in the development of Aevo, its user base and community.

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