Treasury and Revenues Management Committee


This committee is responsible for monitoring and executing the recurring payments involving DAO Treasury funds.

It is also responsible for splitting all revenues from Aevo's products as specified in the Aevo Revenues section.

It is also responsible for all time-sensitive interventions on Treasury funds, such as the management of the DAO-owned liquidity pool and any intervention that becomes necessary in case of exploits to safeguard funds.


  • 4 members chosen by Apogee;

  • 3 members chosen by the DAO;

  • 3 reserve members chosen by the DAO.


  • Approve or reject Treasury payments as signatories to the Multisig. This also involves conducting checks on both the formal correctness of payments and their origin and destination;

  • Manage the monthly divison of Protocol Revenues as signatories to the Multisig.

  • Employs the management strategies of the liquidity pools held by the DAO to optimize both its yield and security aspects, with the primary objective being to support $AEVO's liquidity on DEX.

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